“Run & Hide” F. Jay Electronica (Video)

    Like the “Weirdo” video before it, the above video for the Bullitts’ “Run & Hide” might be a little too artsy-fartsy for some of y’all. It also might take too long to get to the Jay Electronica portion for those of you clamoring for new music from the absurdly elusive MC. But you know what, this is pretty well done, even though you probably won’t be able to fully enjoy it until you get home and can keep up with the narrative. “Run & Hide” stems from the Bullitts’ forthcoming Mos Eisley EP, which will be offered for free. It’s the audio/visual project of producer and writer Jeymes Samuel, who clearly has some pretty good friends in the music world.


    Mos Eisley is due out soon.