“Run” F. Kid Cudi

    Unless they pulled a fast one on us all, the Knux didn’t end up dropping their new album, Eraser, on June 21. They’re making up for the delay, though, with a new single, “Run,” that screams mindless summer fun in every way possible. From the pop-rock guitars to the driving beat, the track plays like a hip-hop version of blink-182. And before you start shaking your head in disapproval, do me a favor: turn your brain off for a second, open the windows, and turn up the volume. There, now you get it. This isn’t about pushing musical boundaries or innovation. “Run,” which features a quick appearance from Kid Cudi, is simply pop music done very well, like the duo’s previous single, “She’s So Up.”


    Eraser is due out soon. You can stream “Run” below.