Royals Remix F. Raekwon

    Seven years ago a groundbreaking album was released by the name of Back In Black.  It was an album that many felt brought class back to the music industry.  Some could say that it was also an album which made female solo vocalists dominant again.  Now we live in a world filled with female powerhouses such as Lana Del Rey, Karen O, Florence Welch, Solange, Lorde, and the list goes on. 

    On the deluxe version Amy Winehouse’s classic album, there is a remix of her standout single “You Know I’m No Good” which features Wu Tang member Ghostface Killah.  Now—seven years later—Lorde, the newest in the branch of dominating female vocalists, has teamed up with another Wu Tang member—Raekwon.  The Staten Island emcee shares his rhyming expertise on Lorde’s fan-favorite “Royals”.


    Listen below: 

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