“Round Of Applause” (Prod. Lex Luger)

    Brick Squad’s go-to producer, Lex Luger, has again been called upon for Waka Flocka Flame’s latest single, “Round of Applause,” and, surprisingly, it’s not the monster of a track you would expect. Rather, Flocka has copped a smooth and subdued Luger beat for a celebratory joint that is, perhaps, one of the rapper’s most mature tracks to date. Well, it’s mature in the way that it’s not balls-out fight music and Flocka’s not just screaming the whole time. He is still rapping about women (strippers, to be exact) in a misogynistic tone, but it’s not quite as obnoxious as before.


    You can stream the track below. It’s apparently the first single off his upcoming album, Triple F Life, which is due out later this year.



    [Rap Radar]