“Round and Round” (Streaming)

    Chillwave trailblazer Ariel Pink has got his Haunted Graffiti back together to record a new album, which is set for release on his new label 4AD later this year. This will be Pink’s first album in a while—the last official release was Scared Famous back in 2007, and it’s likely to mark a move away from his roots in lo-fi bedroom recordings.


    Few details are available at present, but 4AD is releasing a single ahead of the record, titled “Round & Round.” Pink has pulled together a full band for the recording, with Kenny Gilmore, Aaron Sperske and Tim Koh joining him in the lineup. The song is streaming over here, and includes some cover art that should be kept hidden away from any PETA activists who may be passing while you’re listening to it.


    The song is also available to download from 4AD, but you need to sign up to their mailing list to get the MP3 file.


    [Pic from here]