“Rosaries” (Video)

    Weekend has always been very particular about the visual aids of their music. Not surprising when two of the members, Shaun Durkan (vocals, guitar) and Kevin Johnson (guitar) have side jobs dedicated to communicating through optics. But they have never focused much energy on music videos. So this is a rare event for the Brooklyn-based post punk group, debuting a moving picture for one of their sonic creations. Directed by Johnson and Durkan with the camera aid from Eli Marias, “Rosaries” is an aimless and insatiable wandering of a man who seems to be haunted by the past. The ample use of high angles /wide shots coupled with one of the album’s more subdued tracks, evokes a detached empathy for the protagonist.

    “Rosaries” is from Jinx, Weekend’s second LP out on Slumberland.  

    Weekend is currently on tour in Europe till end of November and will hit the road in the States in January 2014. 


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