“Rolling Stone” (Funkystepz Remix)

    Abel Tesfaye’s open, expansive approach to songwriting as the Weeknd has made his music an easy choice for producers and DJs looking to show off their remixing chops. Case in point: Funkystepz take on Thursday‘s “Rolling Stone.” As it appears on the album, the track is a sprawling tune driven by Tesfaye’s lonesome falsetto and an acoustic guitar. That’s it, aside from some subtle percussion here and there. So the crew of Funkystepz decided they’d give it a pulse, a touch of funk, and make it friendly for the weekend (no pun) sect. It’s probably one of the best remixes we’ve heard of the Weeknd thus far, as it’s neither obnoxious nor too simple.

    You can stream the remix below.

    The Weeknd – Rolling Stone (Funkystepz Edit) by funkystepzuk