“Rolling Stone” (Alias Edit)

    Interestingly enough, one of the first leaks we heard from the Weeknd’s Thursday, “Rolling Stone,” is also the track that’s received the best remixes. Previously, U.K. outfit Funkystepz put their own spin on the somber acoustic guitar-led joint by infusing it with subtle house touches. And here, Anticon. producer Alias has further manipulated “Rolling Stone” on his edit (remix, really) of the track. The walking guitar line still plays a major role, but it’s been warped and backed by some driving, almost-shuffling percussion. Also, the vocals of Abel Tesfaye, aka the dude behind the Weeknd, have been pitch-shifted, though not to the point they’re unrecognizable. Once things get going, it actually almost sounds like a completely new song.

    Stream and download the remix below.

    Rolling Stone (Alias edit) by alias-1