“Rollin'” (Video)

    In case you missed it last Tuesday — I did, somehow — Soulja Boy released yet another new mixtape, Supreme, under an alias that we might be hearing more from lately. Apparently dude’s calling himself S.Beezy now and some folks think the music he’s making with this moniker is jacking the style of certain burgeoning rappers. They’re claiming that Soulja Boy is basically trying to hop on board the ASAP Rocky and Spaceghostpurrp hype train. This new track, “Rollin’,” does kind of sound like something their biggest influence, Juicy J, would make these days. But it does also sound a lot like the mumble-laden rap Soulja’s been making for a few years. It just has better production.

    You can watch the video below and download Supreme here.

    [Rap Radar]