“Rock The Bells” (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    Trio-turned-duo Tanya Morgan released one of 2011’s finest pure hip-hop projects in the You & What Army? EP. The nine-track collection showcased both Donwill and Von Pea’s complementary rhyme styles and their shared knack for penning insightful, honest, and clever lyrics. It didn’t hurt, of course, that they got some notable help in the production department. Along with Von Pea handling some of the beats, the EP boasts instrumentals from Exile and Astronote along with longtime collaborator Aeon.

    It’s Aeon who fittingly laced the guys with a bells-driven production for “Rock the Bells,” an LL Cool J and A Tribe Called Quest-referencing jam. And in the track’s newly released video, director Brian Petchers has captured the old-school hip-hop vibes of the track by having Von Pea and Donwill rap and, well, rock bells atop a building in the middle of winter. He also embraced their playful swagger, as the two MCs and members of the Lessondary crew wyl’ out like some kids who just love good-ass hip-hop. Like Tanya Morgan. 

    Watch the video below and purchase the You & What Army? EP at Bandcamp.