“Rock N Roll” F. DJ Khaled, Game, Pharrell & Busta Rhymes (Remix)

    Considering it’s one of the weaker tracks on Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, it’s disappointing that Raekwon decided to put together this remix of “Rock N Roll.” Additionally disappointing is the fact that the beat and Kobe’s garbage hook remain intact, though to be fair, at least Rae changed up his verse. But what is the point of having DJ Khaled on here? Is his shouting really necessary? Anyway, Game, Pharrell, and Busta Rhymes all sound pretty good here, especially Game, whose bars have been well above-average lately. Maybe the announcement of an actual release date for The R.E.D. Album has inspired him.


    Stream the track below. Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang is out now.



    [Rap Radar]