“Rize Of The Fenix” And “Beelzeboss” (Live On Fallon) (Video)

    Tenacious D just can’t keep off the TV at present. Yesterday we saw their appearance on Letterman to play “Roadie” from Rize of the Fenix, which was followed last night by a Fallon appearance where they played the title track from the new album. It’s their first record in six years, but really nothing has changed in that time. Jack Black hasn’t restyled the D as a synth-pop outfit, and Kyle Gass hasn’t been tempted to lampoon the post-ironic hipster set. Instead we get big riffs, operatic vocals, and a brand of humor that these guys could probably recycle until the end of time. Check out the Fallon performance below, along with a web-exclusive performance of “Beelzeboss.”