“Rivers” (Indian Wells Remix) (Prefix Premiere)

    “Rivers” is the latest single from the Bruno Miguel-led :Papercutz, an electronic pop outfit whose sophomore album The Blur Bletween Us will drop July 10 on Sounds of a Playground. For what its worth, the track seems endlessly remixable; its echo-drenched vocals and sense of speed alone allow for the sound to be warped in all kinds of directions. U.K. producer Synkro embraced one such angle, and gave “Rivers” an ethereal, deep-breathing pulse.

    But here, Indian Wells–the “tennistronic” Italian project whose track “Wimbledon 1980” we premiered a while back–goes into surgery with a completely new set of tools. The strong point of this rework is its inversion of the original piece. Where the Papercutz track was a quiet wash of constant sound, Indian Wells’ take sharpens the focus of “Rivers” to feel as though something is slipping right past you.

    This remix is unassuming to the point where skeptical listeners might wonder who’s actually flipping who. Is the Indian Wells track the real original version of this song? No, but it easily could have been. You can download and listen to the track below.