“RIP” (Prefix Premiere)

    Last week, we premiered a song called “Unison” by Rioux. On it, the Brooklyn-based electronic musician demonstrated his ability to guide music from the background–that is, with a subtle touch. There was an unusually organic appeal to “Unison,” a feel that went beyond however it was actually created. For me, this ‘natural’ aspect–which I know doesn’t sound very concrete–seemed to rely, more than anything, on what I imagined the recording process to be like.

    Though there is no way to tell how Rioux interacted with Bjork, who’s featured on the song, knowing what went on isn’t really the point. The point is that, regardless of how fluid or planned their collaboration was, “Unison” communicated effortlessness, not unlike Mike Finito’s Nehru Jackets production on “It’s the Drug I’m Needing.”

    Rioux’s latest release, “RIP,” embodies a similar fluency. This time, though, it’s achieved by extracting common ground through purposeful repetition. The track–which was written for a friend of Rioux‘s–is kind of like an audio flipbook: literally, it makes use of a turntable-in-reverse loop; figuratively, “RIP” speaks to life halted, with its subject memorialized by drawn-out emphases in theme. While the pretty melody may put a smile on your face, what Rioux has effectively done here is make a song with embraceable healing power. Think of it as a light eulogy.

    For a further look into his music, you can check out Rioux’s website here. “RIP,” “Unison” and three other tracks will appear on his upcoming EP, and if you’re in the NYC area, Rioux will be playing at Glasslands in Brooklyn on Sunday. Otherwise, stream and download “RIP” below.