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Rihanna: "Rockstar 101" (Video)

Judging by the video for Rihanna's "Rockstar 101," all it takes to be a rock star is revealing, chain and feather-based outfits and a bunch of grimy dudes with tattoos playing hardly rocking backing music. Actually, that makes more sense than Nickelback when you get down to it. I was unaware that Slash is the ideal for looking like a rock star, which I guess, again, makes more sense than Nickelback (those dudes look like ATV mechanics).


"Rockstar 101" is on Rihanna's Rated R, which is out now.  

Small Black - "Bad Lover" (Video) LCD Soundsystem "New York I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down/Empire State Of Mind" (Live Video)

Awful song. Why are Prefix readers being subjected to this?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mburr/Photo 44.jpg mburr

someone please shoot me in the head. ugggh!

my god, chris brown must have smacked all the sense out of her

nick freeze

you guys are all idiots if you honestly think that this song sucks,this is my all time favorite song by her and all you need to stop hating on it,and by the way her and chris brown are over,he is a scum and she is flawless so you all need to stop saying she deserved it cause she didnt,he should have never out his hands on a female and no matter what she did that was still wrong!


you're all out of your mind , this song is great, try to make your own song then we'll look if it's a nice song ( i don't think so ) so shut up !!!!


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