“Right Side Of My Brain” (The-Dream Cover)

    NO MORE YOU from JULES JIM on Vimeo.


    While No. 3 was certainly a bit of a let down after the phenomenal No. 2, Sweden’s jj have certainly redeemed themselves with a string of immaculate covers. This time they’ve turned their attention toward singer/producer The-Dream, tackling “Right Side Of My Brain” off his sophomore effort Love Vs. Money. The balearic pop-duo harness all the melancholic potential of The-Dream’s auto-tuned original, stripping away the production excesses to highlight its gorgeous melody. Unlike some indie covers of mainstream oriented R&B that are done in a tongue-in-cheek manner, Elin Kastlander and Joakim Benon are clearly reverent of the originals, sparing us from that uncomfortable mixture of irony and music. It’s a good bet that this song will join their cover of T.I.’s “Let Them Talk” (retitled as simply “Let Them”) on jj’s upcoming Kills mixtape. [Gorilla Vs. Bear]


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