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Rick Ross: "I'm Not A Star" (Video)


Even though Teflon Don has gotten the most positive reviews of his career, Rick Ross' video budget has not climbed on dollar: Here's the pretty simple video for "I'm Not a Star," that features the rotund MC standing in a hangar with a couple women and a couple cars. As someone who has spent a disproportionate part of his life watching Rick Ross videos, though, this is actually not that bad for Ross' normal low-budget affairs. I mean, that Birdman cameo couldn't have come cheap. Or that "Rozay" knuckle piece. 



Teflon Don is out now.

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Rick Ross

Are you joking? Look at those stars, dude. Stars! Made out of lights! That's worth a cool 50 Gs right there

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Bildungsromania/djkittygalorejpg.jpg Bildungsromania

yuo are the best mi nigga

jimmy bakboord aka ross from suriname

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