‘Revelations’ (Mixtape)

    If you happened to give it a listen, I think it’s safe to say were feeling that CoSS, aka Co$$, track I posted yesterday. “Gone,” which features the seemingly always-on Freddie Gibbs, shows exactly why CoSS deserves to be mentioned in the newer class of MCs from the West Coast. His bouncy flow complements whichever beat he tackles, from those with an electro vibe to straight up boom-bap. And if “Gone” wasn’t enough to convince you, I bet you’ll be won over after listening to the entirety of Revelations. The free mixtape from CoSS and producer Numonics features 15 new tracks with guests such as Sene, Naledge, Reks, and several others. This is your chance to hop on the CoSS train before others take notice, so, as my dad used to say, “smarten up!”


    You can download Revelations here.