Rob Ellis, better known under his Pinch moniker, has prepared a new 12-inch single titled “Retribution.” The record will come out in the U.K. next Monday (Dec. 19) on the Swamp81 label, and it’s a mixture of overdriven electronics and the kind of shuffling beat that made Pinch a standout in the increasingly crowded dubstep scene. There’s a crossover here between his original work and something more IDM oriented, with the fuzzy Space Invaders-style noises reminiscent of early work by the Black Dog and Autechre. But the beat that underpins it all grounds this in familiar territory for anyone previously drawn to Pinch’s work. Check it out in the clip below. [via FACT]

    PINCH – RETRIBUTION – SWAMP81 [clip] – Released 19 Dec by DJ PINCH