“Rent” f. KRS-One (Remix) (Prefix Premiere)

    In what could be one of the most fitting collaborations ever, relative newcomer Kyle Rapps has linked with hip-hop stalwart KRS-One for the “Rent” remix. And I know what you’re thinking, “What makes this such a fitting pairing?” Well, it’s all steeped in the fact that Rapps’ forthcoming project, Re-Edutainment, revisits KRS’ classic record as part of Boogie Down Productions, 1990’s Edutainment.


    This isn’t the first time the two MCs have worked together, though. KRS previously appeared on the original version of the track along with an earlier Rapps single, “Love, Love.” And it’s those previous sessions that have made the “Rent” remix sound like such a natural collaboration.


    Over Kev Brown’s moody, guitar-led production, the Princeton, N.J. native opens the track a detailed account of living in an apartment with roaches and no electricity. KRS follows in suit, providing a verse that makes you feel like you’re standing beside him as he confronts his slumlord. It’s a stirring track that, unfortunately, far too many people can relate to these days and one that should put Rapps and his Re-Edutainment EP on your radar.


    The EP is due out March 29. Listen to the “Rent” remix below. Rapps is also playing one of our SXSW parties, which you can check out here.


    Kyle Rapps: “Rent Remix” f. KRS-One (Prefix Premiere) by prefixmag