“Re:Lease Life (Place 2 Go)”

    Photo Credit: Allison Higgins

    Five seasons ago, after the Fourth of July weekend, I dragged my heavy feet to a bar near the railroad tracks to check out couple of Canadian acts: Monomyth and Nap Eyes. The two bands share Seamus Dalton and Josh Salter. Since then, Dalton and Salter looked busy fulfilling their rhythm section duties in Nap Eyes. Turns out, the two have also been occupied with shaping another Monomyth record. Judging by “Puppet Creek” and the latest sample, “Re:Lease Life (Place 2 Go)”, Happy Pop Family promises to be their most intricately polished album to date. On the latest track, the Montreal-based indie rockers showcase mature songwriting without losing the raw spontaneity.

     Happy Pop Family is out 11/4 on Mint