‘Reindeer’s Time’ (EP)

    If, like us, you have been digging Lexington, Ky. artist Idiot Glee and his approach to left-field pop, you’re in for a treat this holiday season. James Friley, aka the dude behind Idiot Glee, has put together a free EP, Reindeer’s Time, that features four of his band’s own takes on classic Christmas tunes. My personal favorite is the swirling psychedelic version of “Jingle Bells” that also features a steady punch-kick combination from a drum machine. 

    Reindeer’s Time is a great way to kick yourself into the holiday spirit if you haven’t already done so, and hey, maybe you could introduce your family to a new artist. I know, older people and their ways — my mom still hasn’t opened her copy of Neon Bible — but still! You can stream the EP below and download it on Bandcamp.