“Ready To Start,” “We Used To Wait”

    Two more new Arcade Fire songs popped up today, following the appearance of “The Suburbs” and “Month Of May” near the end of last month.


    “Ready To Start” bounces around with nervous energy, with Win Butler’s vocals never rising above slightly hushed tones. The rest of the band compensates with one of its most taut performances yet, all wiry riffs and tightly hit piano keys. It’s similar to “Month Of May” in that it delves further into the band’s largely untapped heavier side. “We Used To Wait,” meanwhile, recalls their Funeral days, but adds a few more bells and whistles. It builds up and down several times, and contains at least three different sections that would make great choruses. There’s even a very brief moment where it sounds like they’re about to get all post-rock on us before jumping back into another hook-filled chunk.


    Listen below via YouTube. If they get pulled from there, both tracks can be heard over at OneThirtyBPM.


    “Ready To Start”


    “We Used To Wait”



    The Suburbs will be released in America on August 3.