“Rave Weapon” (Mark Starr Remix – Prefix Premiere)

    Alex Metric’s next EP Ammunition Pt. 2 will be released on Dec. 3. The first single from the EP, “Rave Weapon” is a thumping dance track that recently was remixed by Aeroplane.

    Today we present to you the another official remix of “Rave Weapon” courtesy of Florida producer/dj Mark Starr. While Aeroplane’s remix took the song in the direction of a disco house track, Starr maintains the heavy sound of the original while adding a bit of trap flavor. 


    Ammunition Pt. 2 is being released by OWSLA and Alex Metric is also having an exclusive listening session and live chat on Spotify (Dec. 3, 4P EST). 

    Ammunition Pt. 2 Track List:

    1. Prophecies

    2. Motion Study (ft Oliver)

    3. Rave Weapon

    4. Rave Weapon (Aeroplane Droid Remix)

    5. Rave Weapon (Mark Starr Remix)

    6. Rave Weapon (UZ Remix)

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