“Ram Ram” (Video)

    When the Deer Tracks’ latest single, “Ram Ram,” leaked last month, I noted that “David Lehnberg and Elin Lindfors have a knack for crafting tunes that feature both elements of the freezing cold and shining, bright sun.” So it’s with that preface that I introduce you to the visuals for the track, which very much embrace the freezing-but-bright juxtaposition.


    Director Johan Stolpe positioned the two members of the Deer Tracks in two very different locales. Lindfors, who is as blond as they come, appears stuck in a bright, white room while Lehnberg pummels his piano in a foot of water amidst tosses of his raven hair. That is, of course, until bright meets dark (in the dark) and…I won’t ruin it for you. I would question the symbolism of burning a certain instrument, such as whether or not they plan on using it anymore, but I can’t imagine they would do that.


    The Deer Tracks’ The Archer Trilogy Pt. 1 is due out March 15.