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Rakim: "Walk These Streets" f. Maino

Rakim's ridiculously long-delayed The Seventh Seal is finally coming out later this month, and for further proof of the album really existing, here's an MP3 of "Walk These Streets," the record's new single. Given that it's by Rakim, the old school vibe here is expected, but it's still a welcome return for one of hip-hop's original greats.


The Seventh Seal is due out on Oct. 20.





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O.K. It's Just O.k.... OLD SChool FLoW

SHoe GAme

Thats my mans!Rakim got to be the greatest to me.I dont care about the subpar reviews! Pound for pound,verse by verse,ill put my idol up against anybody anyone can think of.I produce music & i will love to work with him anyday!That's DRE fault that he could'nt work with "RA"! LOL alwayz. from the A.P.M.A.T. finest!


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