“Rainy Dub”/”Faceless”

    Post-dubstep star Actress was recently a part of Damon Albarn’s DRC Music project, but he’s already left that behind and returned to making music under his own name. There’s a third Actress album due on Honest John’s in the early part of next year, which is being preceded by a new 12-inch single for the label titled “Rainy Dub.” Previews of that song and the flipside “Faceless” are streaming in the clips below, with the lead track full of disjointed electronics that falter and splutter over an eerie, hollowed-out backing. “Faceless” is even more abrasive, with little twists of electronics circling the mix as it unfolds, forming a sort of paean to minimalism.  [via FACT]

    Actress Rainy Dub (clip) by Honest Jons

    Actress – Faceless (clip) by Honest Jons