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R. Kelly: "When A Woman Loves" (Live On Fallon) (Video)


Clips of R. Kelly performing on Jimmy Fallon last night (Dec. 6) are being removed with indecent haste, so this version of “When a Woman Loves” from the Love Letter album might not last long (there’s a clip from the ever reliable Audio Perv here that might stay up a little longer). Love Letter is Kelly’s album inspired by old soul legends like Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke, and “When a Woman Loves” bears all those hallmarks without going anywhere particularly interesting with them, but it does at least serve to demonstrate that he has an impressively powerful voice when he wants to use it.

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R. Kelly

I was half asleep when this came on and as it went on, I became more and more aware. Damn good performance. The jeans with the bowtie kinda through me off. Should have just went all out, Kels.

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Brought tears to my eyes..........Great performer, wonderful song....... Kells did it again, he is still KING!


Kelly is a very gud live performer, unlike alot of others. theyr gud on cd but dont need to do live. i wonder wud he ever do a public announcement cd, just for ol'time sakes


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