“Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)”

    It’s not like Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’s smooth-voiced crooner, Frank Ocean, wasn’t working with big names before his crew and his (great) free album, Nostalgia, Ultra, began their music industry takeover. He most notably wrote for the likes of Justin Bieber and Brandy while also churning out hooks for his OFWGKTA buddies. But their recent rise has certainly helped as he’s since been in the studio with Beyonce and caught the eye of the New York Times.


    Ocean has also decided to show some love to his fans with this studio leftover called “Pyrite (Fool’s Gold).” I get the feeling that this is either unfinished and/or he just didn’t feel like it vibed with the rest of Nostalgia, Ultra. I’m betting it’s a combination of the two, though the minimalist, acoustic guitar-driven tune could have worked well as closing track. And talk about a catchy hook and melody. Damn.


    Stream/download the track at Rappers I Know.