“Pyramids” (Video)

    Frank Ocean really just claimed last night as his own, didn’t he? Not only helping to kick off the 34th season of Saturday Night Live with a debut performance on the show last night, the channel ORANGE crooner somewhat spontaneously debuted the music video for his critically acclaimed album’s nearly-10 minute single, “Pyramids.”

    Nabil (who’s previously directed Frankie’s “Novocane” and “Swim Good” flicks) fills the grooves of the director’s chair here, and takes us on a journey from a desolate desert to a sexy strip club (fittingly), where Ocean meets plenty of “Cleopatras” during his drunk visit. John Mayer makes a cinematic cameo towards the end, too. The video only utilizes the second half of the song, which is absolutely fine by us.

    Watch the seductive visuals below.