“Pyaar Impossible” F. Lakutis

    Don’t know Bill Ding? No problem. The up and coming New York rapper is doing two things on this track that should call your attention if his name doesn’t. First, he’s spitting alongside Das Racist buddy Lakutis, and second, they’re rapping on a beat by Steel Tipped Dove, the producer responsible for a number of awesome backdrops on Big Baby Gandhi’s NO1 2 LOOK Up 2 tape.

    “Pyaar Impossible” is probably titled after the Bollywood rom-com of the same name, and it isn’t the only movie reference here. “I’m Bruce Willis, my life’s kinda like 12 Monkeys,” Ding raps. What else should you know? Well, this track kinda has an undertone of “Gossip Folks,” and the mastered version will appear on his new mixtape in a week or so. You can have a listen and download below.

    Bill Ding also dropped a mixtape earlier in the year called Half Circle. You can download it for free here.