“Purple/Kenosis Pt. 1” (Single)

    When Julian Wass isn’t playing with indie rock/electronic band Fol Chen, who are signed to Asthmatic Kitty, he’s diving into the increasingly engaging lo-fi hip-hop scene in the Bay Area of California. Most notably, he co-produced an entire album for the Green Ova Undergrounds crew, which features the super-dope duo of Main Attrakionz.

    And in between making fuzzy, video game-ish for rappers and rocking with Fol Chen, Wass is steadily building up his solo resume as a composer/producer. This week, he dropped a pretty rad free single, “◊ (purple),” that is equal parts dreamy 8-bit experimentation and hyphy. The bass is thick as molasses while the synthesizers shine like they were ripped from a Sonic The Hedgehog soundtrack.

    You can stream the single below and download it on Bandcamp.