Prom Queen (MP3)

    It’s well known that all rappers want to be rock stars (more fame), and all rock stars want to be rappers (better health plan), so it shouldn’t necessarily be that shocking that the nuttiest of working rappers, Lil Wayne, has decided to release a rock album (Rebirth, due out on April 7). But what Lil Wayne really means by "rock album" is still up in the air.

    If first single "Prom Queen" is any indication, Lil Wayne defines "rock" as music with chugging, emo-lite guitar riffs, and auto-tuned singing/rapping. "Prom Queen" is about Lil Wayne wanting to get at the Prom Queen in high school, but not being able to make the move, which given that Wayne was rapping professionally as a teenager, isn’t autobiographical.

    It’s becoming clearer that Rebirth is (like 808’s and Heartbreak) a case of Wayne’s record company letting him release questionable material he’s emotionally invested in to keep him happy enough to continue recording new rap albums. But judging by "Prom Queen," Rebirth is setting up to be a disaster.