“Prologue: In the City of the Dead”

    We’ve enjoyed heaps of postapocalyptic zombie stories, but very few of them have taken the form of crisp, whispery synthpop. Canadian-turned-German producer Digits introduces horror to electronica in a new project that’s arriving just in time for Halloween. His upcoming release In the City of the Dead serves as a serialized narrative of a young journalist struggling to survive in a metropolis overrun by monsters, forgotten by the civilized world. Digits’ synopsis:

    In the not too distant future…J, a journalist, watches as fascism begin to creep over the city, but can’t do anything to stop it. Anger and rage are encouraged by politicians seeking to solidify their power, and police turn a blind eye to gang activity. The streets are no longer safe as the gangs become increasingly armed and emboldened. But then one gang’s plan to upset the balance of power goes terribly awry, and brings about a zombie outbreak. There are mass casualties, including J’s wife, and society breaks down.

    The record’s first track is now available to stream and download below. Get a taste of the end of days as rendered in sultry pop, and keep an eye out for further tracks from the album, which will be released sequentially over time.