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Primus: "Pudding Time" And "Tommy The Cat" (Live On Kimmel) (Video)


Alterna-funk legends Primus gave a treat to their fans on Friday night by dipping way into their back cataolg during this performance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. The group performed two songs—“Pudding Time” from the 1990 album Frizzle Fry and “Tommy the Cat” from the 1989 record Suck on This.


This urge to revisit the past was no doubt sparked by the band’s reformation with drummer Jay Lane in March, which has come to fruition on the Oddity Faire tour that is currently winding its way around the country. There is also an EP by the band, titled June 2010 Rehearsal, which marks Lane’s return to the group with new recordings of old Primus songs.


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I think the last time I listened to Primus I was at a middle school dance.

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Nice post, but I have to add that I always thought people only listened to Primus because their friends listened to Primus.

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