“Price Tag” f. B.o.B And “Mama Knows Best” (Live On SNL) (Video)


    Whoever books people over at SNL has a pretty good sense of humor (unlike the writers, am I right? ZING), deciding to book the funniest man on Earth not named Louis C.K. (Zach Galifianakis) along with the British answer to the faux-rapping Ke$ha (Jessie J)*. Jessi J might not be as bad as Ke$ha, but she certainly does try to rap, and it’s awful, and the song she did with B.o.B (“Price Tag”) is on some Bruno Mars crap-ska, and the second song (“Mama Knows Best”) is mostly carried by that goofy outfit. This sort of sounds like an American Idol contestant being allowed to have six minutes instead of two, and then deciding to just shout a lot at the end. This is, at least, a divisive American debut for J, whose debut album is out here on April 12. I bet you’ll be grabbing this along with your copy of the new TV on the Radio and Low albums. Right? 



    *- Did you guys watch SNL this week? It’s the first one I’ve watched in about five years, and it was terrible! Galifiankis’ monologue was funny, but all of the sketches were terrible (except the phrase “hella bonin’ in your farter”). The digital short was funny, in that it was a one-joke sketch about comedians with one joke. Meta? Probably unintentionally.