Pretty Boy Swag


    The original video for Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag,” off his upcoming album Dre, is kind of amazing: Soulja and his boys alone in a white room, dancing and mugging for the camera, amazed at how cool they are. Then a girl comes in and awkwardly dances with Soulja while he raps at her. It’s probably my favorite music video of the last five years; I’ve had too many discussions about all the awesome little details in the video (pretty much anytime Soulja looks at the camera and adjusts his shades).


    But Soulja had to make a real music video now that the album is closer to coming out, so he came up with this one. It’s a mild disappointment: too much slo-mo, too much seriousness, too many hot girls carrying briefcases filled with money. What happened to the jovial spirit of the original? What happened to young DeAndre Cortez Way, in awe of his phenomenal swag? Is he becoming a Soulja Man? I do not know. The article says the video was shot and cut in less than a week, but the original one was probably completed in less than a day. That’s some real DIY shit. [Rap-Up]