“Church On Fire” (Demo – Prefix Premiere)

    A lot of bands from the former British empire stand in the shadow cast by U2, Radiohead, and Oasis. South Africa’s Civil Twilight certainly shares characteristics with that mighty triumvirate–beautiful melodies, experimental textures, arena-filling choruses–but the group is more than capable of stepping out on its own. Civil Twilight’s sophomore release–this year’s Holy Weather–found the band exploring a number of musical avenues, adding subtle dance elements that sound just as good on a pair of headphones as they would blasting from a festival stage.

    Downloads of the album came with bonus tracks, including the slowly evolving majesty of “Church On Fire,” and today Prefix is premiering the demo version of the song. While the original unfolded with a martial drumbeat and distorted chords, the demo version features lead singer Steven McKellar alone with only a few atmospheric piano notes to keep him company. Take a listen below.

    Holy Weather is out now and can be purchased at iTunes.