“Possession” (Prefix Premiere)

    Vancouver’s Humans (Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq) make refreshingly balanced electronic music. They’re a production team, not a band, but they aren’t mere Macbook-tappers either: the duo’s March 2012 LP, Traps, showed just how symbiotic house production and live instrumentation can be. They take part in what is now a pretty storied tradition: Cut Copy’s anthemic blends and masterful hooks, James Murphy’s cathartic opera of keys and voice. Humans are more firmly grounded in conventional electronica, though—too cerebral to be labeled pop.

    But “Possession,” a newer cut, boldly reaches for the radio. Major-Lazer-esque clarion synths sound out over a simple, energetic snare beat, and Slade and Ricq croon and strain in turns—think a more fractured, less airbrushed Tanlines. If “Possession” is an indication of where Humans want to take their sound, we might be hearing a lot more about—and hopefully from—them in 2013. Listen to “Possession” below or download the track at the Humans bandcamp page.