“Pop The Trunk” & “No Hands” (Live At Brisk Bodega) (Video)

    Yelawolf and his Shady Records compadres Slaughterhouse took a Bodega by storm in New York this weekend, performing a mini concert sponsored by Eminem’s label and favorite soft drink tea, Lipton Brisk. Since the show took place in Rap Blog Central, there are a bevy of videos of the show hitting the net this morning and yesterday, and we’ve got a few for you in case you still haven’t gotten onboard with the Yelawolf freight train. Below you can see “Pop the Trunk,” still Yela’s defining track, and above you can hear “No Hands.” The bass is pretty blown out, but it gives you an idea of what it is to see Yela live: Machine gun raps, a strip show (seriously, dude always takes his shirt off), and a lot of headbanging. 

    Yela’s Radioactive is due out on Oct. 25.