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Ponytail: Beg Waves (Video)


For some reason, the video for Ponytail’s “Beg Waves” reminds me a of a cross between Wolf Parade’s “Shine a Light” video, the cover of the High Places full-length, and an interesting acid trip. Coincidentally, that last phrase is a pretty good description of what the band sounds like: jagged edges, scraps of various musical styles, and loud abrasive singing fuel the band’s new album, Ice Cream Spiritual, which is out now via We Are Free. [Pitchfork]

Yo Majesty - Booty Clap (MP3) Hot Chip Alley Cats (New song live in L.A.) (Video)

They are such a great band from here in Baltimore they clearly need more of a buzz. We’re starting to get a better and stronger music scene here with Beach House, Rye Rye, Dan Deacon, and countless others,so don’t count B-More out!

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Am i the only one who prefers Beach House's first album over the second?

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Ponytail rock. They got the sounds, the beat, the rock. And I love the vocals.

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