“Poker Face” (Live on American Idol) (Video)

    Lady GaGa bashing has become something of a sport (well, like baseball) among us writers here at Prefix, and I’m not about to change that–the New York performer appeared on

    American Idol

    last night to perform "Poker Face," which apparently isn’t about fat dudes playing poker (which would be way cooler). GaGa starts her performance playing at a clear piano that looks like it was rented out from a strip club, and then proceeds to amp up the performance by singing off key and out of breath as she "dances" vigorously. I can generally tell a pop star’s appeal (like Katy Perry’s faux-lesbianism making her a star), but apart from get-ups that look like they were stolen off of dead drag queens, I really can’t place what’s so damn interesting about this Lady GaGa character. Did everyone in America suddenly decide drag queens are the arbiters of style? Because they’re probably stoked right now. [