“Poker Face” (Live at Glastonbury) (Video)

    If you’ve paid any attention to any of the coverage from Glastonbury this past weekend, you’ve maybe noticed that in her hour-long set, Lady Gaga somehow found the time to don three different outfits: a typically Gaga mirrorball dress, a very normal, but nonetheless Gaga red patent leather dress, and the straight-up lingerie she’s wearing in the video above.


    Videos like this one have to prove, no matter your feelings on Lady Gaga, you have to admit that the woman is a performer; she’s dancing in pumps, and everytime she tells the crowd to “scream” or “jump,” they seem to do so without an ounce of hestitation. Also, the guitarist in this clip looks like Jack White. I mean, it’s not, but if it was then maybe the Gaga haters would quiet down some.