“Pledge Allegiance”

    Update Sept. 1: Upon hearing his first few “comeback” tracks, particularly the killer “I’m Back,” it seemed like T.I. was ready to take over the scene again. But for whatever reason, none of them resonated with the general public beyond some scattered radio play and blog love. He even dropped a straight-for-the-radio single with “Got Your Back,” but that, too, didn’t necessarily explode. Will “Pledge Allegiance” change all that? We’ll see how the radio and his fans respond, but it’s definitely sounding like it will be all over the airwaves in the next week or two. It only helps that he has a high profile guest with Rick Ross, who is on his typical drawn out, yet entertaining bullshit. Even if T.I. sounds like he’s copying himself here, it still kind of works, though using the term “swag” might be the dumbest shit he’s done…well aside from going to jail.


    Via: Rap-Up


    Download at Mediafire via 2DopeBoyz.


    Update Aug. 31: Soulja Boy might be over “swag,” but judging by the title of the new T.I. track, ATL’s king is still about it. According to T.I., “Pledge Allegiance” is headed directly to the streets and bypassing the clubs.


    “My next song … I’m not even sending it to radio first,” he explained Monday. “I’m going to work it from the streets to the clubs. Then as DJs ask about it, I’ll deliver it to them. I’m gonna go all the way back to grassroots. I feel that people right now feel I’m going so far over their heads, given my prior success with Paper Trail. They feel like I’m trying to leave my foundation and my demographic behind, which is far from my intention.” [MTV]


    “Pledge Allegiance” will be out this week. Check back on this post to hear it first!