“Please, No Pictures” (Prod. The Hood Internet) (Prefix Premiere)

    While in Chicago this past year, Das Racist teamed up for a performance/recording session with Chicago’s up-and-coming young crew, Bin Laden Blowing Up, aka BBU. The resulting track, “Please, No Pictures,” was produced by the Hood Internet and recorded in one day, and we’re premiering it right here right now.


    BBU and Das Racist get into some serious snappy boom bap here, trading verses and rapid-firing pop culture references like crazy (the Waka Flocka Flame shoutout is pretty funny in this context). BBU could be Das Racist: Midwest, since they’re concerned with race in America and pop culture with equal gusto and rhyming technicality. A perfect pairing, to say the least. And who knew that Hood Internet could do stuff that didn’t involve mashups?


    Listen below:


    Download here: