‘Plaid Palm Trees’ (Album)

    If Dopehead’s name looks familiar, then it’s very likely that you’re also a fan of his Bruiser Brigade cohort Danny Brown. On both The Hybrid and XXX, Dopehead delivered rewind-worthy bars that were both gut-busting and holy-shit clever. “I’m higher than Swizz Beatz’ hairline”?! Too good. With that in mind, you already know what to expect on the Detroit spitter’s new free album, Plaid Palm Trees.

    This thing is brimming with grimy, albeit well-produced, beats and bravado-heavy punch lines for days. And even though Dopehead remains mellow and raps with his feet up on most the tracks, you also get to hear him lose his mind on bangers like “Time Crisis” and “Mirrors.” There’s also a track named after Sephiroth, aka the villain in Final Fantasy VII. Why aren’t you downloading this yet? Grab Plaid Palm Trees here.