“Pigeon” (Video)

    In his review of Tennis’s Cape Dory, fellow Prefix writer Wolcott Katzenbach praised the duo for having “crafted 10 wonderful pop songs that make me feel as if I am sailing around with the Crystals in their prime.” If you have heard the album for yourself, you will know he’s right. Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore aren’t creating anything new or substantial here, they’re just doing what they do really damn well. And their latest single, “Pigeon,” demonstrates that perfectly…even if the above video has nothing to do with the lyrics or music. Rather, you’re subjected to watching a magician perform a number of illusions* while the gorgeous track plays in the background.


    Cape Dory is out Jan. 18.


    *Tricks are something a whore does for money…or cocaine. If you don’t get this joke, I’m sorry.