“Phantom Of The Opera” (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    Seattle rapper Nacho Picasso is like the deadpan comedy king when it comes to the realm of rap music. While other MCs tend to snicker or even giggle after dropping a witty punch line, here’s a dude who delivers his bars like he just tooks huge hits from a bong after a four-hour nap. He’s got this low-key genius way about his hedonistic lyricism, which is complemented perfectly by the gorgeous production of fellow Seattle residents Blue Sky Black Death.

    Together, they released one of our favorite free projects of the year thus far in Lord of the Fly, an ethereal, dream-like look into the mind of Picasso. Delving further into his brain is the Blue Sky Black Death-directed video for album highlight “Phantom of the Opera.” The blunted, coke-pushing tune has received equally drug-induced visuals, which revolve around Picasso dressed like the phantom of the opera himself, blowing weed smoke, and dancing in a haunted house. It might sound simplistic, but it’s nothing if not completely fitting and the perfect way to showcase just what these guys are about.

    You can watch the video below and download the album here.