“Perfect Is The Word”

    We reported this past April that Kid Cudi had changed his rock band’s name from Wizard to 2 Be Continuum. And last night, some two months later, he and frequent collaborator/producer Dot Da Genius revealed the first studio track they recorded for Cudi’s new musical direction. The resulting tune, “Perfect is the Word,” is just as musically engaging and finely produced as anything on his previous records. But lyrically? Dude is still stuck somewhere between teenage and celebratory angst, though here it’s delivered with a bit more emotion than we’re used to when he raps or sing-songs. “Perfect is the Word” won’t necessarily encourage any non-Cudi fans to suddenly jump on his side, but it’s certainly much better than expected.


    Oh and for everyone not enjoying the track, Cudi sends the following message:

    “If you want my old shit, buy my old albums….Im moving forward, all w/ me LETS GO! Life is about evolving, which is why im successful. P&L.” Fair enough.

    Stream “Perfect is the Word” below.