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Pearl Jam: "The Fixer" (Audio)

Pearl Jam has come far from being a collection of Ticketmaster-battling recluses, now partnering with Target and appearing on Conan in support of their latest album Backspacer. They've also reached out a much less mainstream cartoonist, Tom Tomorrow, for their artwork. Yet "The Fixer," available at the band's MySpace page, continues Pearl Jam's trend toward spare and choppy songs without marking a clear break from an album as old as Vitalogy. If you're a fan, the band keeps coming through with straighforward rock tunes like "The Fixer." If you're not, you wonder when Pearl Jam will reach the next phase of its career. [MySpace via Stereogum]



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Pearl Jam

When will they reach the next phase of their career ?!?! ..what have you been smoking. I guess you mean when will they become a top 40 pop hit. Never, I hope. The arrived at the top many years ago,..just not at the top of your mountain.


If you think Pearl Jam hasn't changed since Vitalogy you are a moron and have no business being a writer.

Mark Fiore

They're not a top 40 band because top 40 now sucks and contains very little talent. They've been consistantly kick a$$ since they came out. If all you can talk about is their first three albums than you have no clue what good music is!


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